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About Us


The Tetley Green Tea Transformation follows the journey of 19 contestants as they train hard, eat right and change their lives as they go from unfit to athlete level fitness.


It all goes down at Bangalore's Fitness Fight Club, where contestants train under the watchful eyes of founder, ex-boxer and Singaporean soldier Austin Prakesh.


Over 12 weeks, you'll have ringside seats as you watch the contestants transform their bodies, their minds, and their lives. is where you can watch the latest episodes and keep up with your favourite contestants. 


Sign in to create your profile and we'll find your closest contestant match, so you can work out, eat, and get fit like them with our customised diet and fitness programs - because it's not just about watching  as they change their lives - it's about finally changing yours, too!


The Tetley Transformation and are produced by and our partners Concrete Labs.