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December 28, 2015

Cardio v/s Weights


If you’re a gym newbie and you’re super confused as to what to approach first – weights or cardio – don’t worry, you’re not alone. We decided to ask our in-house fitness expert of The Transformation, Rohan Mathew, if either is more important than the other, or if both go hand in hand.

To begin with, starting your fitness regime is what’s the most difficult, he says. “The most important thing is to make a start somewhere which people generally find the hardest to do. Pick an exercise that you can sustain for a long period of time,” he explains.

According to Rohan, there are no shortcuts. “There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to cardio versus weight training. If you’re looking at it from the parameters of health, then you could calculate what is known as your vo2 max, which is the maximum volume of oxygen that a person can utilize while maintaining the highest intensity exercise, so it becomes a good predictor of your capacity to workout at the given time. The higher the vo2 max, the more you can prevent disease and death. Not to say that only cardio is important – even resistance training can affect the cardiovascular system and have various physical functions which is important as people age,” he explains.

So what’s better than the other? “It’s doing a combination of both. But then again, that depends on what you have access to and what kind of equipment is available. But it’s not very hard – you could just go running to get your cardio, and for weight training, you could also try calisthenics which is working with your own body weight,” he suggests.

The takeaway? Do a bit of both – there are only benefits!



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