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December 14, 2015

Four Ways To Eat Healthy On Holiday


We get it, it's never an easy task keeping your hands off those exotic delicacies you get to gorge on during the holidays (save some of that Alpine Raclette for us, will you?), but if you don't want to pack on those pounds in addition to your cabin baggage on the return trip, give us a listen! We asked our in-house fitness expert of The Transformation, Rohan Mathew, to give us some tips on how to stay healthy on holiday!

“It's all about the dietary choices you make, really. Most importantly, ensure that you're eating at regular intervals so that you don't get hungry and make bad food choices, and control your portions. Also make it a point that whatever you’re eating has some amount of veggies, proteins and whole-grain carbohydrates. The key is to plan your meals – that goes a long way,” says Rohan.

Second, educate yourself about your food and what works and what doesn't for you. “As long as you know your basic food groups and what to avoid, it’s half the battle won!,” he assures.

Thirdly, always pick the healthier alternative on the menu. “If you’re non-vegetarian, try making chicken and seafood a part of your vacation diet, they have way les saturated fat than most red meat, and for the vegetarians, there’s an array of options available anywhere you go,” he says. So load up on the seasonal juices and fruit of the place.

Finally, pay attention to the details – you know you could easily pass up that mayo on the side for Dijon mustard instead, or swap a heavy Caesar dressing for a light lemon vinaigrette – you’re not fooling anyone else but yourself!



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