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September 9, 2015

Genevieve 'Anastasia' Luiz: The Corporate Queen


After spending years climbing up the corporate ladder, Genevieve realised she needed a break. See what she has to say:

What are you doing currently?

“I’ve worked in the corporate BPO sector for about 12 years, working 16-18 hours everyday – mostly nights – until I decided to take a year off and do nothing. I enrolled in a design and apparel construction course during that time and hopefully, I’ll start something of my own soon.”

When did you decide you had to work on your health and fitess?

“While I took that break, I also decided to go to the gym to lose weight – at that point I was at my heaviest, about 120 kilos. I’m now at 94 kilos.

I realized I handled the exercise really well, but even now, when it comes to food, it’s a challenge – there are good days and then there are bad days.”

What did you dislike most about being overweight?

“I could never walk into a store and pick what I liked; I had to get my clothes tailored and then make alterations myself. But that’s also how I realized I was good at designing, so I guess that worked out!”

What drove you to enter The Transformation?

“I’m very, very competitve! So when I heard that this was a competition, I was up for it immediately!”


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