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December 7, 2015

Is There Such A Thing As Having Too Much Water?


The virtues of water are often overlooked. Turns out, not only does it keep all the organs of the body functioning efficiently, it’s also needed to lubricate joints and cartilages, protect the spinal cord, keep the digestive system going, help your skin glow – the list is endless. We asked our in-house fitness expert of The Transformation Rohan Mathew to clear out some of our water theories.

“More than 70% of our body is made up of water and a lot of metabolic processes in our body require it, so if you don't drink enough, it could affect the balance of your body. Also to keep in mind, we are constantly excreting water in a variety of ways – breathing being the most basic. So it's important to replenish that,” he says.

We've heard of the prescribed minimum 2 litres of water a day for an average adult, but could drinking too muchof it be a bad thing? “Some people are go a bit overboard with their water consumption, which could possibly lead to overhydrating – the key is to drink just the right amount, which differs from person to person – it all depends on the amount of physical activity you engage in and how much you sweat," he explains. While water retention can throw off the balance between sodium and water in the blood in a condition known as hyponatremia (where sodium levels take a big dip – athletes and hikers might be familiar with this), dehydration comes with its own set of problems too.

Next, the way water is consumed is also a matter to consider. For example, according to Rohan, those who believe drinking lime-infused water every morning is beneficial, could be quite wrong. “A lot of people believe it helps flush out toxins and detoxify the body, but that's just a huge myth, and there’s no scientific evidence to support the claim,” he says. While there's no harm in flavouring your water, it probably just has the same benefits as chugging it plain, if you ask him.

Another surprising benefit of water you might not have heard of – it helps keep your memory sharp! So if you feel like you're forgetting your keys more often than not, Rohan recommends a steady water intake through the day. “There's a simple technique to make sure you get enough water – fill a jug of water and aim to finish it through the day. Otherwise, responding promptly to your thirst mechanisms should also work fine,” he explains.

From aiding weight loss to boosting mood, there's clearly nothing water can't do – so take the advice of the expert, and glug it down!



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