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September 7, 2015

Lester 'Thalaiva' D'Couto: The Radio Jockey


A new, smaller sized wardrobe is what brought this RJ to The Transformation. Meet Lester D’Couto:

What do you do?

“I'm a radio jockey at a popular radio station in Bangalore, but not many people know that I studied to be a mechanical engineer. Now I get to play music and connect with people.”

Do you workout often?

“The only place you’ll see me in motion is on the dancefloor! I don’t walk or run a lot. The last time I shed a lot of weight was for my brother’s wedding back in 2012, because I was tired of everyone asking me if I was the older brother. So I lost 30 kilos, but I've gained it all back.”

Why did you decide to sign up to The Transformation?

“Well, let’s just say I want an all new wardrobe! Clothes are a big issue for overweight people and honestly, I don’t have more than twelve outfits because it’s so hard to shop my size. Health is, of course, a major reason as well.”


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