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November 30, 2015

Nuts: Friends or Foes?


Nuts are often not given enough credit for being a healthy snack – this may arise from the fact that they're thought of as fattening. But news flash - they're good fats! - if you make sure not to overdo them. From almonds to cashews and peanuts, they all come packed with nutrients that you need to incorporate in your daily diet. We asked our in-house fitness expert from The Transformation, Rohan Mathew to tell us more.

“Nuts are known to be packed with calcium, magnesium and protein, and they could also be used as a supplement of sorts. For example, cashews have choline which is a precursor to neurotransmission, beneficial for mental sharpness. And besides, they're a much healthier alternative to a sugary snack,” he says. “My top four picks are peanuts, almonds, cashews and walnuts without a doubt – they have great benefits.”

Do they come with their share of drawbacks though? According to Rohan, “How healthy they end up being for you depends on how you process them. Don’t have them fried, and don't go overboard quantity-wise because they come dense in calories - having just a handful a day is ideal,” he explains.

While they can be eaten many ways, making sure all the nutrients are kept intact is also very important – so raw or roasted? “You can eat them both ways. Roasting them is a tastier option than the latter and at the same time you're not losing too many nutrients. I’d suggest you have a variety of nuts in your bowl as opposed to just one kind because that only means more variety of nutrients, beneficial for your body as a whole,” he says.

Another genius way to incorporate these energy boosters into your diet is by adding them to your meals – right from homemade curries to vegetable dishes, they balance out both health and taste – as long as you’re not allergic, of course. So go get nutty!



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