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December 3, 2015

One Thing You Might Not Have Known About Stress


Those of us living the fast paced life are well acquainted with stress and its consequences – jobs, errands, social life – we have a lot on our plates! But just FYI guys, not all stress is bad. Confused? We asked our in-house fitness expert from The Transformation, Rohan Mathew, to elaborate.

First off, let's get familiar with the indicators of stress – “A perpetually low mood or constant fatigue are starter symptoms, while depression or anxiety count as severe signs of stress.” Secondly, dealing with stress spans a number of ways, according to Rohan. “There are various ways to deal with stress – meditation, yoga and numerous behavioural techniques,” he says.

But here’s the shocker – some amount of stress in your life is apparently not all that bad. “Yes, not all stress is bad! There are two types – eustress and distress. The first is the amount of stress that is good for you, which you need some amount of for your body to function well. For instance, when retirees don't have much to do, their cognitive health declines because they’re not stimulating the brain enough, which is good stress. But when it gets too much to handle, stress can manifest in various ways like losing or gaining drastic weight, and that’s when stress management comes into play,” says Rohan.

So what are some stress management techniques? “Personally, exercising is my favourite way to release stress. Meditation is also a great way to de-stress; it makes you aware, self-reflect and find solutions to cope,” he suggests. “Our body is designed in a way that you need to stress it out a bit for strong bones and muscles, and good cardiovascular health.”

There you go, a little mental stimulation never hurt anybody – so go hit the gym or get solving a crossword! But maintaining that balance is key. 


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