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September 7, 2015

Sabrina 'Bella' Suhail: The Makeup Artist


Tired of an unhealthy lifestly, makeup artist Sabrina is here to make some changes.

Why do you think you’re unhealthy?

“I’m not a big eater but I don’t cook so I end up eating out for most of my meals. Since I'm a makeup artist, I like to blame my brides for my weight gain because I'm always eating at their weddings!

I don’t have a very healthy lifestyle in general, either. For example, I woke up at four this morning after a really late night. I went to two appointments after two hours of sleep and ended up eating breakfast at noon.”

What do you think of The Transformation?

“It’s a very exciting concept. I went to a club the other day and sorry, but I was checking out butts, and they were all flat! (Laughs) Which makes me think that people really need to start working out more; just get a little fitter and look a little better.”


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