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December 21, 2015

Say Goodbye To Boring Old Treadmill


Well we don't know about you, but spending our cardio hours listlessly on a treadmill almost makes us want to skip gym! Which brought us to explore the many ways to keep fit that don't include 'Monotony-15 reps'. We asked our in-house fitness expert from The Transformation, Rohan Mathew, how to change it up!

“I personally dislike running on the treadmill, but one way you could make it slightly better is by zoning out to music while you run. But really, just head to the outdoors – climbing, cycling, swimming – your exercise options are endless. Playing sports is also a great alternative to cardio in the gym; they all count as cardiovascular training as long as you're sustaining the physical activity that challenges your cardiovascular system. So incorporating all these activities into your life will definitely make cardio a lot more interesting,” he explains.

If you're not nuts about the outdoors, there's many ways to work out indoors. “There's different dances you can try – zumba being a popular one, then there's martial arts and aerobics – all of these are super fun!” he says. Just one more reason to ditch the treadmill!

So the next time you find yourself yawning on the elliptical machine, you know what to do – switch things up before you give up for good!


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