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September 7, 2015

Sonali 'Tora' Mudarth: The Artist


Getting back into shape is never easy, but Sonali, who calls herself a super focused Taurean, is up for the challenge.

What do you do?

“I’m an architect and artist.”

Are you looking forward to the Tetley Green Tea Transformation challenge?

“Yes! I’ve been trying really hard to lose weight for a while timenow, but nothing has worked. So I'm happy to give this new opportunity a shot!”

What are you  most excited about?

“I’m excited that it’s going to be a fixed schedule so I know I can't miss it like with a gym. There’s a prize at the end which is always great for motivation. I'm most excited about the fact that the workouts are different from the ones at a regular gym - martial arts, circuit training - so I know I won't get bored."


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