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December 15, 2015

This Is Why You Walkers Haven't Been Losing Weight


It takes care of your heart health, lowers the risk of diseases, releases feel good endorphins and has even been proven to prevent dementia –walking has a long list of virtues – and you can do it anywhere! However, if you’re regular walker, you might wonder why you haven’t been seeing any drastic weight loss – well it’s a simple answer. Let Rohan Mathew, fitness expert from The Transformation, tell you.

“Apart from being the simplest form of exercise, walking has quite a few benefits that people underplay or don't know about – it keeps your muscles strong, your cardiovascular system healthy,  prevents the onset of disease, and lastly, it's something almost everybody can do, from the young to the old,” lists out Rohan.

But why you haven’t been shedding any kilos even though you’ve been strict with your daily evening walks? There's an interesting reason why. “It could probably be your diet – if you’re eating junk throughout the day, there isn't going to be any weight loss happening. But it is interesting to note that if you’re bigger and unfit, and you’re doing a low physical activity such as walking, then in you’re not really burning fat, instead you’re burning carbohydrates stored in the muscles,” he explains. But hold up, there’s good news too! “However, if you constantly work at it, then your body adapts to switching from carbohydrates to fats,” he continues. Then, you’ve probably set your body’s weight pendulum in motion, and you’ll be burning calories before you know it.

So go outdoors, take a quick stroll, soak up some vitamin D, keep at it regularly, and see the transformation.



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