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December 22, 2015

True Or False: Is Quitting The Gym Midway Bad For You?


Among the long list of reasons for not joining a gym (that may or may not involve binge eating and serial-watching), is a popular one – some of us are of the belief that if we quit halfway, all that dedication we put into those abs would go to waste. Is there any truth to that though? We asked our in-house fitness expert from The transformation, Rohan Mathew, to us what really happens.

“It really depends from person to person, but what usually happens is that when you suddenly go from high intensity workouts to no exercise at all, and continue with the same diet that you needed for your old workout, then you tend to put on weight,” says Rohan. "It's quite simple – if you're not exercising at all, you can't go crazy with your diet and expect to maintain your weight,” he explains.

All that returning weight can also be blamed on a particular trait of the human body. “It's like the 'use it or lose it' principal we mentioned before – muscle gets stronger as long as you exercise it, but when you stop, it becomes weak over time. You might's noticed this if you were ever forced to wear a sling. This holds true for everyone - even seasoned athletes who haven't trained in very long,” he says.

But if you still don't feel getting yourself a gym membership, Rohan recommends to switch it up! “Working out at the gym can get boring but there are various other physical activities you could do to maintain your health like playing a sport or running – they're great alternatives to the gym,” he says.

The takeaway? Stay dedicated to maintain results!


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